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Take the next step in your career or post a position to find your next great hire. Nurse practitioners and students can get leads on great jobs with competitive salaries through the Job Center, our one-stop resource for focused online job searching.

Employers looking for nurse practitioners can maximize job exposure using available upgrades compliant with recruitment regulations. NPs interested in new opportunities can quickly and easily create an account, upload their resume and setup job alerts using their social media credentials, streamlining the job seeker experience.

Create an account today or speak with one of our professional recruitment advisors about how to maximize your recruitment efforts.

About CANP

The California Association for Nurse Practitioners (CANP) provides a forum and unifying voice for more than 26,000 nurse practitioners statewide, often joining forces with other state and national organizations, to advance the profession and bridge health care needs. As the only association solely dedicated to advocating for nurse practitioners in California, we work to protect and expand the critical roles filled by NPs. As a conduit of information, we foster the dissemination of ideas, advice and standards of practice. As a network of professionals, we bring nurse practitioners together to enhance their collective potential.