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Northeastern Rural Health Clinics

General Information


Job title: Northeastern Rural Health Clinics is Looking for a NP
Job location: Suzannville, CA 96130 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 08/22/13
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: Competitve

Job Classification

Job Category:Family Nurse Practitioner

Job Description

Job description:
Summary: The nurse practitioner provides direct primary medical care, including diagnosis, treatment and referral under physician supervision, to NRHC patients. It is expected that the NP will provide direct patient care to a minimum of 22 - 25 patients per eight hour working day. The NP may be required to provide services at outreach clinics. Directly responsible to the Medical Director.

Qualifications: Have an understanding of the practice of medicine in a community health facility, of the roles of various health personnel and of the ethics and laws under which medicine is practiced and governed. Graduated from an accredited school training persons to perform as non-MD Clinicians.

Ability to work in fast pace environment, use discretion/good judgment. Must maintain confidentiality relating to NRHC personnel, patients, and information which could result in proprietary damage to NRHC. Must be flexible; work both independently and as a team. Must have the ability to work various shifts, occasional Saturday shifts, and rotate when needed to other sites.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
Graduation from a recognized Nurse Practitioner's Program. Current licensure as nurse practitioner in the state of California. Current and valid ACLS/CPR certification.

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Works under the supervision of a physician as a member of a health team, relieving the physician of routine tasks.

- Examines patients and assesses their health needs, taking a complete medical history to obtain the necessary background.

- Prepares health problem lists, setting priorities and action in consultation with team members.

- Examines patients to determine the nature of the complaint, using diagnostic instruments.

- Orders and/or performs laboratory tests as needed.

- Reviews laboratory reports, referring patients to physician if abnormalities are suspected or present, as needed.

- Discusses assessment of examination and tests with physician to formulate therapeutic regimens, as needed.

- Prescribes medicines to patients according to applicable State law and NRHC rules and policies.

- Provides prenatal and postnatal care.

- Attends emergency cases determining treatment required and notifying physician or sending patient to hospital as condition indicates.

- Prepares and maintains patient records on health charts, including monitoring the transfer of records to referral sources.

- Completes portion of superbill, insurance and other forms as appropriate for assurance of reimbursement.

- May be required to be on-call for patient care when clinic is closed.

- May be required to work in various clinic sites in order to maintain coverage, as determined by medical director.

- May facilitate the primary care physician's referral of patients to the appropriate health facilities, agencies and resources in the community.

- May conduct rounds in the hospital, assessing patient's progress and notifying physicia
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